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Would you like to offer our comforting pet loss books in your practice?

Many veterinarians send our books, signed by the entire staff, to clients who are grieving a lost animal companion. Some veterinarians tuck a lock of the critter’s fur in the book, while others personalize the inside cover with a special paw print. Hospitals may also offer the books for sale, so clients can purchase them for themselves or for the other animal lovers in their lives. All our books are for animal lovers young and old.


Our newest title, Forever Paws, is the perfect companion book to For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel. There is even a “magical veterinary office” in the book, with a place on the page for including a four-legged client’s name. Lighthearted Press offers a special wholesale discount to veterinarians. If you are interested in learning more about our books please contact us or call 1-877-385-6837.

Here’s what Dr. Katie Kropp had to say about our books:

“My husband gave me a copy of For Every Dog an Angel years ago when we had to put our beloved Jack Russell Terrier “Bean” to sleep. That little book spoke volumes to both of us. I have since passed on copies of For Every Dog an Angel and For Every Cat an Angel to many of my clients when they have lost special dogs and cats of their own. They are both such heartwarming books. It is a wonderful way to help people celebrate the joy furry family members bring to their lives and the bond they have shared with a loved pet.”

Katie Kropp, VMD
Companion Animal Hospital of Tamaqua

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“Sharing these books has been rewarding for both our clients and our staff. We send them to those clients we know had a strong bond with their animals to help them with their grief. The feedback has been very positive, with some clients saying they read the book many times. I’m glad there is both a dog book and a cat book.”

Marcia Carothers, D.V.M.
Metropolitan Veterinary Medicine
Akron OH

“The response to these books has been overwhelming. Almost every single person who receives one either calls or sends a card saying how special the book was and how much it helped them.”

Jennifer Betz, D.V.M.
Sandy Animal Clinic
Sandy OR

“These simple books are uplifting for adults and kids who are grieving a lost pet. They also provide a way for our staff to express their condolences. When appropriate we glue a clipping of the animal’s hair, tied with a bow, on the inside cover of the book. This creates a personal remembrance for our clients during a very difficult time.”

Heather Vittori
Arroyo PetCare Center
Lake Forest CA

“These books are outstanding. They are a huge comfort to our clients.”

Carol Cleckner
Creekside Animal Clinic
Norton OH

“As advocates of the human-companion animal bond, we experience all stages in a pet’s life with our clients. When it comes time to either “let go”, or if an unexpected tragedy or illness happens, our duty is to be compassionate and supportive through the grieving process. We have chosen to help ease this process by giving our clients a copy of “For Every Dog/Cat An Angel.” The illustrations and the books’ comforting words help them with one of the greatest losses we as pet owners can experience. Our clients are ever so grateful to be able to take the book home, and in their own time be able to grieve and rejoice in the lives they had with their companions. These books have bonded our clients closer to us because of the kind words and thoughts expressed from us as a clinic and through the words written by Christine.”

Michele Vincent
Powell Boulevard Veterinary Clinic
Portland OR

“We are very sensitive to the grief our clients experience when they lose a pet. We include these books in the sympathy packages we send out to adults or families with older children. The illustrations and gentle words soften the feelings of loss and help our clients to remember their pet was special and can never be replaced.”

Nancy Turner
Bay Pines Veterinary Clinic
Harbor Springs MI

“Clients are given a copy of For Every Dog/Cat An Angel when their pet is euthanized or are sent a copy, signed by the staff, if they were not present. We also give a copy to clients who are considering euthanasia to help them find comfort with that difficult decision.”

Claire Connerly
Veterinary Administrator
Southwood Veterinary Hospital
Calgary, AB Canada

“For many years we have sold the books For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel. We have found that these books have offered comfort to our grieving pet owners. We have also donated some books to school libraries in the area. Thank you for writing and publishing these beautifully illustrated books.”

Andrew J. Carlton, D.V.M.
Sahuaro Vista Veterinary Clinic
Tucson AZ

“It’s crushing when you lose a pet. These books give us an opportunity to tell a client how sorry we are about their loss. We get calls and letters all the time from people who were comforted when they received a book inscribed on the inside cover with personal messages from the staff. The books also help us say goodbye to those long time clients with whom we had a special bond.”

Melanie Holmes
Cascade Veterinary Hospital
Bend OR