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For Every Cat An Angel

Lighthearted Press Book  For Every Cat an Angel

If you are welcoming a new kitty into your home… celebrating the forever cat in your life… saying good-bye to a beloved cat companion…For Every Cat An Angel is the perfect way to remember that timeless connection to your special four-legged friend.

Filled with colorful illustrations on every page, this gentle and uplifting book will bring comfort and hope to anyone who is coping with the loss of a cat who was dearly loved and is deeply missed. May their paw prints dance forever in your heart!

For cat lovers young and old.

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Author: Christine Davis
ISBN: 978-0-09659225-1-7
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Size: 6.75 x 5.25.



Sample Pages

Lighthearted Press and Chris Davis and her book For Every Cat An Angel

But sometimes an angel knows one special person is waiting for her cat. So she sends the cat through the starry skies until it arrives at the place it is meant to be.


Lighthearted Press and Chris Davis and her book For Every Cat An Angel

You may see them in the sky floating by in a patch of whipped cream clouds.


Behind the Story

everycat1From the moment Jake came into her life, he made his feelings about cats perfectly clear – they were best served on a plate, with a side order of fries! This was very disheartening to author Christine Davis, because she wanted to adopt a kitty and bring some magical feline energy into her home. Jake, however, wasn’t going to make this easy.

In May of 1998, the author looked out her window and saw Jake with his ears up and his head cocked sideways, staring at the ground.

Sitting by his feet was a tiny kitten. It had badly infected eyes, and probably couldn’t see the big dog drooling over it. Chris ran outside, hoping to prevent the cat attack she felt sure was coming. But Jake just stared at the helpless creature, then looked up at her and then turned back to the kitten. Perhaps it was because he remembered a time when he, too, had needed a home – we will never know. But in that one moment, Jake opened his heart to the tabby kitten, and little Pippen become part of the family.

everycat2More meowing told them that Pippen was not an only child. Indeed, she had a brother who was hiding under the deck. With a little bit of food as encouragement, the black kitten with the bent tail crawled out, and that is how Dickens found his place in the household. Later that night, the mama cat left three more kittens on the front porch. Molly, a black and white tuxedo cat, and Star and Gracie, her sleek, black sisters, were brought in from the cold, and Jake’s kittens were finally safe and the family was complete.

Jake brooded over his feline family, licking the formula off their faces and nosing them back if they wandered too far. He allowed the kittens to swarm over him, snuggling into his thick, warm fur.

everycat3Although Gracie was destined to make her home with some good friends, Dickens, Pippen, Molly and Star immediately settled in and took over the house. Jake’s days became very busy, what with four active charges to take care of.

But it was the author whose life was changed forever. She hadn’t realized there had been four empty places in her heart that only these little furballs could fill. She hadn’t realized she had needed a feline fairy Godmother, a role that Pippen was meant to fill. She hadn’t realized life could be so much more fun if you looked at the world through the eyes of a kitten.

For Every Cat An Angel was written to welcome Dickens, Pippen, Molly and Star into the Davis household.

Although Dickens, Pippen and Star are now flying through the heavens with all my angel dogs, I still feel their magical presence in my heart and home. May they watch over me until we can all be together again.

From the Author

Author Chris DavisFor as long as I can remember I was connected to fur, but that fur was always connected to a dog! It was not until later in my life that I was blessed with a litter of three-week old kittens, discovered in the yard by my dog, Jake. The kitties quickly took over Jake’s bed and both of our hearts. It was not long before I realized I was in awe of those cat creatures. They cast a spell over me that I knew could never be broken. For those of you who have been enchanted by cat magic, too, I offer this little book.” – Chris Davis



“A charming story and illustrations.”

~Cat Fancy Magazine


“This book is a sweet, gentle glimpse at the relationship between humans and their forever cats. The thoughts are magical. Paws up for this lovely little book.”

~Deborah Wood, The Oregonian


“I am highly pleased to offer this heartfelt endorsement for Christine Davis’s For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel. As a mental health professional and Biomedical Ethicist specializing in mourning, grief and loss, I was honored to be among the first to lead a support group centered around the grief-work issues of people who had recently lost their beloved animal companion. In these lovingly rendered works, Christine Davis has offered a truly and compellingly extraordinary rendition of whimsical intuition and sensitivity combined in just the right proportions around these difficult issues. I would unreservedly recommend from both a personal and professional perspective that these slim but powerful books be afforded a positive role in the healing journey experienced by one who has lost his or her beloved animal friend.”

~ Geoffrey D. Nusbaum, Ph.D.


“This special book will touch the hearts of animal lovers of all ages. The story is a marvelous resource for children who have recently lost a pet.”

~ Today’s Librarian


“I recently lost my cat Misti quite suddenly. Val (Heart) sent me a copy of your book For Every Cat An Angel after Misti died. I read it aloud with Rocki – Misti’s grandmother – purring on my lap. It is a beautiful book and Rocki and I both enjoyed it. I think everyone who loves animals – and of course loses them – needs to know about you and your books.”

~ Margaret Dexter, PhD.


“When my forever kitty Eca died, a friend gave me “For Every Cat an Angel.” Brokenhearted, I read this magical little book again and again. The angelic wisdom guiding this book revealed a continuing story which eased the raw grief I was feeling. Chris Davis knew my wound and I knew a kindred spirit. For Every Cat (and Dog) an Angel is the story behind life and beyond death and I give it to all my friends. And oh yes, now I have Thunder – a gift from Eca beyond my wildest dreams. ”

~ Bob Schnabel